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Right Edge

Hello welcome to my RightEdge blog page.

Right edge is pretty much past its prime in the age of the online back-testing frameworks like quantopian.

The idea to use Right Edge came from a book names Stocks on the move.


The strategy boils down to buying momentum stocks. Stock-on-the-move = buy momentum stocks. What interested me though was the system he used to pick the stocks. He uses the computer to scan the whole market, pick the stocks he is interested in, and then has some automated rules about when to buy and sell. He back tests this against historical data and in the book describes how it goes. Nice thing is the methodology is rigorous and non-subjective and of course has built in loss protection etc. 

Below some screen shots of my favorite features.

Right Edge Back Test :

Right Edge Optimization :

Finally a Right Edge Trading Summary :

Results of some strategies I run can be found.


New : Automated live running results.


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