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My current bike is the Cannondale Synapse 105 The Cannondale Website describes it as ideal first road bike for someone looking for comfort, performance, versatility and value in equal measure. And I agree.

The bike is made out of aluminum and not carbon. This makes it a lot less expensive than a carbon bike and more durable. It might be a little heavier but for my money it is as light as air.

the bike is all positives and no negatives maybe execpt for the brakes. Cannondale lists them as Trp Spyre C Cable Disk Brake 160mm/140mm. They are ok but sound they make when applied is of cheap materials to my ear and they don't inspire confidence when braking down hill.

All in it is a great Bike and I have no hesitation is recommending it. It is available from the link above direct from the Cannondale website and even REI seems to stock them.


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